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       Welcome to Kindergarten! 
           Our classroom is a busy place!  We are immersing ourselves in learning!  The kindergarteners have begun constructing sentences!  This allows us to delve into Writing Workshop in a meaninful way.  Our first writing unit is narrative.  The children will be learning to write about true experiences that they have had.  We focus on choosing a "small moment" in their life and then illustrating and writing about it.  Being able to generate ideas and convey them is the focus of this unit.  We will focus on ways to generate ideas,  constructing sentences and illustrations that convey the idea, planning a beginning, middle, and end to our story, and refining sound/letter relationships.
         We have started guided reading instruction.  The children will be matched with books at their instructional reading level.  We read through the books during instruction at school and then the books are sent home for fluency practice.  Please have your child reread the book at least three times and return the book to school promptly.  The book should not be difficult for your child to work through at home as we have read the book together at school.  Please DO NOT cover the pictures.  Beginning readers rely on the illustrations to construct meaning.
         We have learned to read, write, and count objects to 20.  We are expanding our understanding of the base ten system by working with groups of ten (and some more) up to 100.   We are also exploring the concept of skip counting by tens, fives, and twos.  Students are expected to count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens.  We use a hundred chart to see patterns in numbers and assist us with our counting.
    Mrs. Gentile