• Mrs. Gentile
    (908) 832-2594 ext. 3016

       Welcome to Kindergarten! 
     My name is Mrs. Gentile.  I have been teaching in Tewksbury since 1991.  I have taught third grade, fourth grade, and most recently kindergarten.
    I have loved teaching each grade level but have a special affinity for kindergarten, in that so much progress is made in such a short period of time.
    It is incredible to get to witness this growth and it still amazes me after all these years.  Kindergarten also allows me to witness the children throughout their elementary education years.
    In many cases, I get the opportunity to watch them go from small children to teenagers.
    I have always had a love for language and learning.  I have wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember.  My parents actually discouraged this career choice and I earned my NS degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  I realized that although I could pursue Speech therapy in the schools; my real desire was to have my own elementary classroom.
    I returned to school and completed the Elementary Education requirements at the graduate level.  I found my education in language development to be an asset as an early childhood educator.  I decided to persue my M.Ed. in Interntional Education with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Second Language.  I had always planned on working in an international school but have been extremely happy working in Tewksbury while raising my family.
    My kindergarten classroom is a place where learners and learning is valued.  We develop a classroom community in which we have trust and respect for one another.
    Mistakes are seen as growth opportunies and we  strive to be our personal best.  I believe we learn best by doing so I strive to provide experiences that help the children develop their skills by taking part in many hands on activities.
    Thanks for stopping by!