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       Welcome to Kindergarten! 
           Spring brings new opportunities for learning in Kindergarten!  We are reading and writing up a storm!  Our current unit of Writing is "How to" writing.  The students learned that "how to" books are written to teach us something.  We examined many books in this genre and discovered that the books break down the task into sequential steps.  We are learning to write our own "how to" books using the same process.  We have also learned that each step often begins with a transition word such as:  First, next, then, or finally.  Our pictures help the reader understand the process as well.
         Our reading is beginning to take off.  We are reading CVC words and simple emergent texts.  We know many sight words and can read and spell the digraphs /ch/, /sh/, /th/ and /wh/.  We are beginning to work on having our reading sound like talking to develop our fluency.
         We are adding numbers to 10 and working on fact fluency to 5.  We can solve simple addition story problems using many strategies.  We combine sets, use our fingers, use number lines, and use mental math to solve problems.  We will soon begin subtraction.
         The TEF has generously funded a dance/science program to incorporate science concepts with movement.  The students were excited to learn about the process of pollination while moving like bees!
    Mrs. Gentile