Welcome to Second Grade 2017-2018
    Mrs. DeStefano
    We are all part of our classroom community of learning. We all contribute with kindness, understanding and support so we can enjoy our growth as learners. 
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    This website is to inform you of what the goals of the classroom curriculum are, in the various subjects for the weeks to come.  Along with communicating the classroom goals I will give you advise on how to extend this learning at home with your child. Latest update was 12-28-18.

    READING: We will be exploring the reading comprehension skill of visualization. We will use all our senses as we read words that describe smells, tastes, sounds, sights, textures as well as feelings of the heart. The students will be identifying the words that bring these sensual experiences to mind and then explain how this enhances the understanding of what is being read.  Along with working on visualization we will begin to learn how to answer a question by using words from the question in our answers.  This utilizes both reading and writing skill development.

    Home Support:  Continue to read aloud to your child in addition to their 15 minute of independent reading. While reading with your child share your own sensual experiences you are having with the text.  Children learn a lot from our own examples and role modeling. 


    Writing:We are beginning our new writing unit: Informational Writing. Every child will use their expertise in a subject to write a book that informs the reader of facts and yet captures their interest in how it is expressed in words and supported by pictures and other non fiction text features.

    Our homeroom has penpals in California.  Every 6-8 weeks we write to a group of second graders who live on the other side of our country while sharing interests, events and things we love to do in our communities. Do not worry your child will only sign their first name. I have been penpals with the teacher in California for 2 years now.  This will be my third. Its fun and the students get so excited to receive the mail from their penpals when the letters arrive. 

    Spelling: We will be learning other syllable types that are associated with long vowel spelling patters such as open syllables and silent e syllables.  In additon to these added syllable types we will learn more suffixes and prefixes that we will be expected to use correctly.
    Home Support: Do the spelling homework.  Hold your child accountable when they have any writing for school to use what you have seen in their spelling homework in their other writing.  IF your child has come home with a list of words they need to practice then play spelling games at home or while waiting for an older sibling at a soccer practice.

    Math: We have finished our subtraction unit.  We will continue all year to use addition and subtraction with/without regrouping because third grade teachers expect your child to be proficient in this when they get to math next year. Our next two units will be telling time to the 5 minutes and finishing up all we need to know about money. 

    Home Support: Besides doing the nightly homework each night, and reviewing your child's errors with them so they know how to improve their math skills ASAP, you need to make sure your child gets onto Reflex Math  I expect your child to get on Reflex website a minimum of 2x per week. This will be a huge help for your child. Once they know their facts the math becomes easier for them. 

    Science:  We are learning map skills in social studies before begin our second Science unit called Landforms. That unit is Science and Social Studies combined. We learn about landforms by looking at the landforms found in New Jersey. Once we identify the land forms in NJ we will make a map of topical map of NJ. We will then compare New Jersey's map to other states to see if the patterns of landforms locations to water and other landforms.
    Home Support: When you read your child's form "What I learned in school today" and you see that we did Science ask them to explain what they did and discussed in class. Add your own knowledge on that topic. If your child is really interested, find a book in the library to have them read to extend their own desire to know more.

    Social Studies: Now that we know the tools of a map we will have to use that information to find continents and oceans on a world map. Every child is expected to fill in a blank continent/ocean map with the names of every continent and ocean filled in correctly. We will then use this knowledge to send out and receive post cards from Flat Stanley.  More information on Flat Standley will come home in the next 2 weeks.  Please make sure you send the two Flat Stanleys to reliable friends or family. 

    Home Support: Get your child a world map that has countries labeled so they can identify where the postcards they get come from. Also make sure you send out the two Flat Stanleys as soon as they get to your home.


     Open Circle: Second Grade continues to help each child learn how to handle social interactions with peers through a series of lessons in Open Circle. I then support the lessons as true situations arise amongst the students by addressing problems using the Open Circle methodology and terminology.  I will send home form letters that come with the program so you know what skills we are working on and what skills you can reinforce using at home when difficult situations arise.