Welcome to Old Turnpike School
    Fifth through Eighth Grade


    The Old Turnpike School currently houses approximately 375 students enrolled in grades five through eight. The original building was completed in 1968 and there have been several significant additions and upgrades to the school during the years it has been in operation. The most recent upgrade was completed during the summer of 2011.

    Our students are organized in a departmentalized schedule that allows students to be taught by subject area specialists for each area within the curriculum.  All of the teachers are "Highly Qualified" in their subject area and classrooms are equipped, supplied and decorated to increase interest and enhance the learning experience for the students.  Our professional staff is provided with regular training to enhance their skills and help keep the entire faculty up-to-date with current and proven techniques and approaches to middle level educational strategies.  The Tewksbury Township School District also encourages and supports staff efforts to continue to grow and improve through participation in graduate programs.  All of these long-term investments have resulted in high levels of academic performance by the students in a school culture that value and promote excellence in all areas.


    Our schedule is designed to provide opportunities for our students to take advantage of a variety of exploratory subjects including; Music, Art, Media, Computer Technology, as well as Physical Education/Health, throughout the year.  The core academic classes include; English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and World Language (Spanish).  Additional programs include Accelerated Language Arts, and a variety of academic assistance and special education programs.


    Old Turnpike School (The Tigers) has a comprehensive interscholastic athletics program with a long and well deserved tradition of excellence. Sports include; Soccer (both boys and girls teams), Field Hockey, Cross County, Basketball (also boys and girls teams), Cheering, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Softball. These teams help build school spirit and focus on developing both good sportsmanship and building skills.


    We endeavor to encourage an enthusiasm for learning, promote personal excellence, develop independence, promote perseverance, and nurture self-confidence as well as a genuine appreciation and respect for others.


    A variety of special activities and events take place during each school year. The annual Eighth Grade School Show offers all of our eighth grade students the opportunity to perform on stage or behind the scenes. This, along with the annual three day trip to Washington DC are culminating activities for the eighth graders before they leave the Old Turnpike School to embark on their high school experiences.