Welcome to Old Turnpike School

    The Old Turnpike School serves as a middle school for 211 students in grades six through eight in idyllic Hunterdon County New Jersey. The staff at Old Turnpike School focuses on fostering an educational environment of academic independence and quality. It is our collective mission at Old Turnpike School that each student leaves with the necessary skills to strive for excellence both socially and academically.

    The upcoming 2018-2019 school year will see many changes.  The fifth-grade students who have previously attended Old Turnpike will be now attending Tewksbury Elementary School.  The Tewksbury Township preschool program will be moving to a facility housed at Old Turnpike School. The new facility boasts separate entrances, exits, and bathrooms, as well as a new playground area. The preschool will operate on a different schedule from all middle school activities for the sake of daily logistics, pick up and drop off.

    Several staffing changes and teaching assignments have taken place in our district this summer.  Here at OTS, we welcome a new Band Instructor as well as a Special Education Teacher.

    In addition to staffing adjustments, there will be some changes regarding our curriculum. The Accelerated Language Arts class formally offered at OTS has been eliminated in favor of a small group oriented, differentiated classroom approach.  OTS will have a new daily schedule consisting of a nine-period day.  This change allows for increased class time in Language Arts and Mathematics. Language Arts will meet eight periods a week and Mathematics will meet seven periods a week.  This additional classroom time will give all students more of an opportunity to excel in the areas tested by PARCC. Two other STEAM creative units have been implemented into our curriculum for the 2018-2019 school year. In collaboration with Visual Art, a Graphic Essay course will be taught in the Language Arts setting. In addition, our STEM engineering program will be expanded into our Science classes for grades 6-8.  

    Every student participates in four special area classes throughout the year. These classes consist of Visual Arts, Music, Computer Technology and Digital Literacy.  To enhance the educational experience and challenge our gifted students, select students will have an ASPIRE class in place of two of the special area classes.

    Old Turnpike School offers two pre-algebra classes in 7th grade and an Algebra class in 8th grade. Teachers provide differentiated instruction to students at varying levels of understanding. Students also have the opportunity to obtain extra help, work on special projects, and participate in a large group performing arts rehearsals during a daily 36-minute Enrichment & Review period.

    Through our 1:1 laptop program and state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure, our students reap the benefits of cloud-based applications, instant feedback, and abundant storage. Collaboration and communication are two hallmarks that are woven into the instructional fabric of every class at Old Turnpike School. All classrooms are also equipped with additional technology such as Smart Boards, iPads, and Smart Response Systems, designed to integrate seamlessly into daily instruction.

    Old Turnpike School remains committed to the whole child. In addition to our social-emotional education initiative, we offer a wide range of field trips to foster authentic educational opportunities.  Yearly trip opportunities we offer include the 7th grade trip to Historic Philadelphia, the 8th grade trip to Washington DC, and our outdoor education program at Camp Mason. The Old Turnpike School Music Department runs a yearly Trills and Thrills trip to Hershey Park where our music students receive feedback from nationally recognized adjudicators.  

    At Old Turnpike School we offer many other enrichment activities that students may choose to participate in.   These include activities like Battle of the Books and Odyssey of the Mind. As a district, we are always seeking ways to improve and enhance instruction and the quality impact of the day-to-day experiences we offer our students. We provide meaningful professional development opportunities to our staff that helps them keep up-to-date with "best practices." This effort also helps to improve academic achievement as well as to foster each student's social and emotional development.

    One of our unique after-school opportunities here at OTS is our 8th Grade Musical.  The play offers 8th-grade students the opportunity to present a full-scale theatrical performance, allowing them to be front and center performing, or being involved behind the scenes.

    Our school offers a variety of sports including; field hockey, soccer, cross-country, basketball, lacrosse, track, baseball, softball, and cheerleading.

    A large number of our middle school students also participate in a variety of clubs including Ski club, Art Club, Debate Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Podcast/Publishing. These are highly popular and successful endeavors that are enhanced by the commitment of our dedicated staff, parent groups, and local community groups. We are very grateful for our PTA and Tewksbury Educational Foundation who over the years have been very helpful to our district.

    At Old Turnpike School we take a great deal of pride in the range of opportunities that we are able to offer our students.  Here at Old Turnpike School, we are committed to providing students with top-notch educational opportunities as well as the means to grow and flourish to become successful in whatever they choose to do.