• Social Media

    Old Turnpike School encourages parents to delay use of social media apps for their children.  Many of the apps middle schoolers like to use can not be monitored effectively and messages and photos can be easily hidden or deleted.  Cell phones should be in the student’s lockers at all times unless the teacher has given permission to use them for academic purposes.  If a student is seen with their cell phone out in school, the staff member will ask the student to either put their cell phone back in their locker or give it to the Principal who will return it at the end of the day. Students who continue to violate the cell phone rule will receive disciplinary action and parents may be contacted.

    Click here for our Social Media Night website - At the bottom of the website are a series of articles to help you manage and understand the world of social media better

    Click here to listen and watch the Social Media Night event that was streamed live on YouTube  December 2019 

    Click here for the handouts that were given to parents at our Social Media Night.  Included are the how-to's for various social media platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. as well as information about managing screen time on your child's iPhone