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Mr. Steinman

Welcome to Mr. Steinman's Class!  

 The 2019-2020 school year will begin with a variety of exciting activities and projects to develop and hone students' literary and writing skills.  We will begin the novel entitled Holes.  Holes is an exciting mystery and perennial favorite of young people.  Throughout the course of the first marking period we will be developing our analytical writing skills, looking into figurative language, enjoying a myriad of projects, and of course, enhancing our vocabulary-a personal favorite of mine.  Oh, did I forget grammar? Not only that we will examining a lot of literature, through both small groups and independent reading.

I am looking forward to a fabulous school year filled with fun, learning, and laughter. It is a very exciting and busy season in sixth grade English and I, for one, am quite grateful to be a part of what is going on in Mr. Steinman's Class!

         Once again, thanks for visiting my humble website.  I look forward to seeing you reach your personal best this year! 


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Below, please review the classroom expectations as well as the supplies you will need for class this year.


Teacher:   Mr. Steinman, Room B-213


Subject:    6th Grade Language Arts

Contact Information: ssteinman@tewksburyschools.org   908-439-2010 ext. 4246



Dear Sixth Grade Class,


Once again, welcome to sixth grade English! I am looking forward to a fabulous, productive year as your English teacher. To help make the school year a successful one, I am asking you to adhere to the following expectations in our classroom. These will help us to have the best year possible.


Mr. Steinman


Class Expectations


What You Can Expect From Me:


1.)          I will work my hardest to prepare for class.


2.)          I am available to help you.  If you have questions on a particular lesson or concept please come see me, email me at ssteinman@tewksburyschools.org , or call me at school.


3.)          I will always give you my best.


4.)          I will treat you with respect and care as an individual.


5.)          I will make the most out of every day!


What I Expect From You:


Please bring the following supplies to class each day:

1.)          Your required books.


2.)          One  three-ring, two inch binder with loose-leaf paper for English.


It should include:

  • Five dividers with pockets
  • Looseleaf paper


3.)          One Composition Book


4.)         Blue and black pens


5.)          Post It Notes


6.)          Highlighters


7.)          A positive attitude.



Classroom Rules:

To aid the success of the students in our class, I have developed the following classroom rules that will help guide you in making responsible choices about your behavior.

1.)        Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.)               Be respectful of all people, property, equipment, and furniture.

3.)               Calling out or disrupting class is never appropriate.



If any of the rules are not respected and followed, consequences will apply as outlined in the student handbook.


Classroom Policies:

Along with displaying appropriate behavior in the classroom, there are specific classroom policies as follows:


1.)          Homework Policy – When you have homework, you are expected to complete it thoroughly. Homework must be turned in by the due date. If it is not handed in by the due date you will receive a ZERO for the assignment. Missing homework cannot be made up.


2.)          Classroom Supplies – Being prepared is part of your success and shows maturity. I expect that you will come to class with all supplies available and ready when class begins. If you are not prepared, it is your responsibility prior to class beginning to ask a neighbor to assist you for that day. Anyone unprepared will lose performance points off their grade.


3.)          Cheating/Plagiarism – If cheating or plagiarism occurs on a homework assignment, quiz, test or project you will receive a zero and appropriate consequences as per the student policy.


4.)          Absences – If you happen to be absent, it is your responsibility as a student to COMPLETE missed assignments WITHIN TWO DAYS OF YOUR RETURN to class or an agreed upon date between us for a long term absence. YOU must see me to receive these assignments.


Grading for Language Arts Class:

For The Most Up To Date, Accurate Grades and Assignments See Realtime


The following assessments will be used in calculating your grades for English:

1.)  Tests – You will be given proper time to prepare for each test.


2.)  Projects – You will be given specific requirements to complete projects as well as ample time to complete the assignment. Projects will be based on units we are studying in class or related to Language Arts and will directly relate to class content. 


3.)   Quizzes – You will be given quizzes on the material being covered in class.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced; make sure you review your notes before you come to class each day.  Asking appropriate questions during class is your best preparatory tool.


4.)   Homework – This is an important part of your grade. This grade will include anything sent home to complete.  It could be any assignment related to the material covered in class. If you complete the assignment on time and correctly, your homework grade will be an A.  Homework that is missed cannot be made up.


5.)   Daily Performance – This is could be another easy A towards your final marking period average. If you show up to class prepared, work hard every day, and participate in class discussions in a positive manner, you will earn an A for your class participation grade.  This includes participation in discussions about literature, homework, classwork or any other topic related to the class. This grade is recorded DAILY and posted weekly.


The breakdown for grades is as follows:


Tests, quizzes, and projects are worth70% of your final grade.  Tests are worth two quiz grades.  Some tests will be worth more than two grades.  Projects vary in the amount of quiz grades they are worth.

Homework is worth 10% of your final grade.

Daily performance is worth 20% of your grade.  Performance includes preparation (materials, homework completed, notebook in order), participation in class (discussing topics, working in groups, working alone, attending to discussions), and classwork.


The grading system is subject to change as deemed appropriate by Mr. Steinman.