• District Goals

    To continue to monitor the progress of the implementation of the Strategic Plan initiatives outlined by the administration.  The Plan will be broken into quarterly objectives for the 2016-2017 school year by the August Board meeting.  Progress will be monitored quarterly beginning in October 2016 (January 2017, April 2017, and July 2017).

    To support continued improvement in writing for students in grades 3-8 by monitoring annual growth as measured by the district approved writing rubrics.

    To increase student performance in the area of mathematics in grades K-8 as measured by growth and growth projection data on the NWEA MAP test.

    Board Goals

    To continue and expand the staff and student recognition program to highlight the best practices, initiatives and achievements of both our students and staff.
    To develop a mentorship program in each area of board governance to ensure continuity and the preservation of institutional memory.
    By June 2017, develop a plan for administrative succession.