• Welcome to Fourth Grade 2018-2019
    Mrs. Wade-Taffera 

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    Fourth Grade is an exciting year of hard work, fun activities, field trips, and leadership opportunities.  I look forward to sharing this adventure with my students and their families. Please continue to check back to this site for learning updates.  Additional information will be sent home over the next several days.
    Special Schedule
    Monday: Music 9:45-10:25    STEM 2:35-3:15
    Tuesday: Library 9:45-10:25    Art 2:35- 3:15
    Wednesday: Gym 9:45-10:25
    Thursday: Spanish 9:45-10:25   Technology 2:35-3:15
    Friday: Gym 9:45-10:25
    Math  Chapter 5 Data and Probability
    -describe a data set using the average or mean
    -find the mean, median, mode and range in a set of data
    -make and interpret line plots
    -organize and represent data in a stem-and-leaf plot
    -use a stem-and-leaf plot to find median, mode and range
    -decide whether an outcome is certain, more likely, equally likely, less likely, or impossible
    -determine the probability of an event
    -express probability as a fraction
    -solve real-world problems involving probability and measures of central tendency
    • Nonfiction
    • Informational Writing 
    Social Studies
    • Government                   
    We will continue to utilize Google Docs for various writing assignments throughout the year and for class projects. Research skills will be taught in class and during Library and Technology.