• Mrs.Kovalsky

                                                                                         Grade 1  Inclusion Teacher

    Math- Students are practicing various ways to subtract numbers. Students are using number bonds to write number sentences. Students are learning that subtraction is the opposite of addition.

    Guided Reading-Students are reading leveled books daily. Please sign and return homework logs. While not in reading groups, students work independently on a task. They then work in centers, with peers.

    Fundations-Students continue to practice digraphs in words. Students continue to practice trick words, while adding new words weekly. Students will learn the ff,ll, ss bonus letter rule. Students will learn to read and spell all within a word.

    Writing Workshop-Students write teaching books. They have just begun this unit and will learn to include appropriate transition words, table of contents and dictionary.

    Open Circle- Students continue to practice breathing exersizes: flower breathing, balloon breathing, students are learning how to be a good listener. Students also are practicing giving and recieving compliments.