I  LIKE  Technology and
    STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!
    Hello...My name is Ms. Rinehart and I am excited to be the K-5 Technology teacher as well as the STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teacher at Tewksbury Elementary School.  I see all kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth-grade students for 40 minutes a week per class.   I also have open computer lab times, and I team teach with teachers to infuse technology into the curriculum and use transformational technology to enhance lessons.   I welcome any communications from parents or students.   I encourage students to use the links on this page to help reinforce important computer skills or give assistance with homework.  I can be reached at:
    My Classroom
                           Phone: (908)832-2594 x2112
     Our Classroom!
    *This Symbaloo was created for all TES students to use.  It will get you to my favorite websites used in class.  Enjoy!  Click Below.

     Click Here for : 

     Please go to the Tewksbury Schools home page to log into Clever.  That will give students access to all the programs that we use in school.

    NEW SYMBALOO 2019-2020



    We are pleased to provide Google Drive accounts for all Second-Fifth grade students at Tewksbury Elementary School.  

    Google Drive is a collaborative, web-based product.  Included in Google Drive is Google Docs which includes collaborative documents, Google Sheets - which involves spreadsheets, Google forms, Google Slides for presentations and much more.  Google Drive allows students to access their work in school or at home.  Students can then work with others peers and collaborate on the same document at the same time in real-time from home.  As students, this will be beneficial when working with teachers and other students on group projects and assignments.  We will also be using Google Classroom in our technology class.  Google Classroom will allow myself and other teachers to post assignments, projects, links and other information to their classroom.  Google Classroom will be useful for group work projects and for addressing the 21st Century Common Core Content standards.

    Directions to access google drive from the Tewksbury Elementary School home are below. Please contact me if you have any difficulties. Use Google Chrome for best results.Screenshot (1).png

    To sign on to your drive account go to the CLEVER Icon on the right-hand side of the website.



    All 2-4th grade students have a Typing Agent account that they should use to learn Typing.  You can get to TYPING AGENT via our CLEVER log in also.  


    Introducing Typing Agent- Instructions for Home

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    In today's digital age, teaching students to touch type is imperative. As students become keyboard proficient, this invaluable skill will help them succeed in their school years and will be critical as they pursue further studies, training, or move directly into the workforce.  


    Typing Agent is a 100% web-based program that teaches these very important keyboarding skills. Typing Agent has hundreds of lessons, tests, and reinforces learning to type with fun and exciting games and quests for students to enjoy.  Research shows that students learn more when they are engaged and having fun. Please use the link above to get to the correct site….do not do a google search for it.


    An important benefit of Typing Agent is that it helps prepare our students to meet nationally established common core state standards and take online assessments. CCSS's dictate that students must have ample opportunities to demonstrate sufficient command of keyboarding skills specific to their grade level and take part in a variety of rich, structured technology activities as part of a whole class, in small groups, and with a partner. Typing Agent gives us leading-edge technology to help our school and your student meet these goals and succeed in this digital age.


    Another exciting feature of Typing Agent is that your student can log on to the program from both school and home, this access allows your student to continue to practice keyboarding from home via an internet-ready computer, iPad( with an external keyboard), or Android device.


    Your student can log on through CLEVER

    We hope you will encourage your child to use Typing Agent on a consistent basis in order to partner with us to achieve their highest level of proficiency.  I have been recommending to the students to practice 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.  Make a routine of it!


    Thank you for your support.

    ****Why Teach Typing? In this day and age, when written communication is essentially done in the cloud, it’s become imperative to have typing skills. The 21st century has made it possible to communicate and collaborate with anyone from anywhere at any time. Whatever profession you want to pursue in this digital world, typing skills are necessary for productivity. Having these skills will also help us process our thoughts faster. In academic terms, this is called cognitive automaticity. With typing, students are freed from the slowness associated with handwriting and empowered to express their ideas nearly at the speed of thought. Although handwriting does have some cognitive benefits, it is limited in its productivity to about 15 wpm for processing ideas. If students aren’t introduced early on to proper keyboarding practices, bad habits will set in, and it will be difficult for them to review the essentials that will optimize their speed and accuracy, as well as the proper ergonomic form to prevent injuries later in life.  - Taken from Typing Agent Website