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      This year I have the pleasure of co-teaching with Pam Nugent in Room 106. All updated information concerning classroom announcements and activities can be found on Mrs. Nugent's web site.   If you have any questions, please contact me at:
    908-832-2594 ext.3037 
    Fourth Grade Math                                                                           
    September Learnings
    1. Numbers to 1,000,000 
    2. Math vocabulary: sum, difference, rounding, estimation
    3. Mental addition and subtraction using various strategies
    4. using number bonds
    5. rounding numbers to estimate


    4th Grade Writing
    September Learnings
       1. Using mentor texts to inspire specific writing skills
       2. Sharing ideas for revising through partner share
       3. Selecting a favorite narrative to revise
       4. revising our selected narratives by adding descriptive detail, vivid verbs, and using transition words
       5. celebrating our writing in Author's chair