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    " 7 Days Without P.E. Makes One Weak"





    Physical Education at the Old Turnpike Middle School provides an environment conducive to the development of physical fitness, team building and sports skills. A variety of activities are offered so that each student may experience and develop some measure of success while expanding present interests. Every attempt is made to provide activities that are motivating and consistent with students’ ability levels.

    Physical Education classes begin with a fitness type warm up, which includes strength building exercises as well as an aerobic type activity. Stretching, sit-ups, and push-ups are included to prepare the class for the activity of the day. SAFETY is always our number one priority.

     Students are required to come to school prepared for Physical Education class. Suitable athletic attire is required, consisting of shorts and a T-shirt. Athletic appropriate sneakers with socks and the removal of all jewelry with the exception of post earrings are also P.E. requirements. Any sweatshirts or sweatpants are acceptable and a good idea for those chilly days.

    Students are graded based on their preparation, participation, attitude, sportsmanship and ability. It will be the responsibility of the students to make a sincere effort to perform to the extent of his or her ability and the responsibility of the teacher to assure that performance of tasks are done in a reasonably safe environment.


    We Look Forward to a Great 2021-2022 School Year!!!



    Tom Lobb