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                                           Tewksbury Elementary School
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                                       2018 - 2019 school year!
                        Stay Active and Health Conscious! 
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    In Physical Education and Health classes at TES, the idea that Physical Education directly impacts the student's mind, body, and soul is valued. Acknowledging and nurturing these three aspects develops a strong foundation for a confident and competent individual.  Students' overall health, fitness, and skill development, in partnership with confidence and character development in a safe environment, are the focus of PE/Health classes.   

       Students should be prepared for every Phys.Ed./Health class by wearing proper footwear and bringing a positive, cooperative outlook as well.  Students will have a mix of Physical Education and Health during many classes, so sneakers are needed at all times.  
       Learning and practicing bowling technique. Using Math skills to keep score.
     bowlin            bowling         
     Classes discussed how their words hold power and can help or harm others.  Through books, role play, and activities, students increased their awareness of the power of their voices, and how to show good character by using words in a positive, helpful manner.  Below are some examples of second grader posters created in class.
           Health    Health


    Veiw from above.    "Playground Project" designed and created with Fourth Graders as a service project.