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    Mr. Preston's 7th Grade Social Studies

    Welcome to Mr. Preston's website.  I teach Seventh Grade Social Studies at OTS.  I have an interest in history and how it impacts the present and future, and I hope to impart that to your son or daughter.  Social Studies is more than just history, however; it is a study of people and how they have interacted with and learned from one another.  Your child will learn about all of these things in my class.
    I have a passion for traveling, as well.  I believe that experiencing different cultures and points of view is essential to being a well-rounded individual.  I will emphasize that to my students, and we will learn about different countries and continents through the geography subsection of my class. 
    Aside from traveling (to the Parthenon and around the rest of the world) with my wife and family, I enjoy spending time surfing, hiking, and playing recreational basketball and ice hockey.  I am passionate about a variety of genres of music, and play guitar.  I am an avid New York sports fan as well. 
    In order to see an updated calendar with due dates of all current assignments and upcoming exams, please visit the RealTime Parent Portal. We also make extensive use of Google Classroom.
    If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at jpreston@tewksburyschools.org or (908) 439-2010 ex. 4214.
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