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    Kids Reading

             Welcome to my ELA ASAP interventionist page! Writing ASAP is an academic service provided to all of our TES students in first through fifth grades to enhance their classroom writing instruction. I visit each classroom to support the district's Lucy Calkins Units of Study writing program by leading flexible, small group instruction within the lesson. These small groups provide your child with targeted, individualized teaching that addresses their specific writing needs and enhances their development and practice of key writing skills and strategies. I am honored to work with your child this year to help them to grow and meet their full potential as a writer!

           Students in first through fifth grades will begin the year as writers by exploring personal narratives. Students in all grades will learn and apply the writing process and will be taught to brainstorm ideas and plan their narratives, how to draft, revise, edit, and reflect on their writing with checklists and peer and teacher conferences. First, second, and third graders will hone their craft as narrative writers by exploring "seed stories," narratives that focus on recounting and elaborating a small moment in time. Fourth graders will also write seed stories but will then use these as a springboard to learn how to write a fictional narrative using real life people or events as inspiration for their stories. Fifth graders will learn to further refine their personal narratives using story arcs and by learning to enhance and elaborate the most important parts of their narrative with action, emotion, imagery, and to incorporate flashbacks and flash forwards and other more sophisticated writing techniques in their narratives.