• Welcome to Mrs. Fiscarelli's Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies Class!

         solar system           Ben Thomas on Twitter: "It wasn't only village life that underwent drastic  changes. More than 3,000 French colonists now lived along the East Coast,  which they dubbed “New France.” Black-robed Jesuit priests

    I'm honored to work with you and your child this year as their fifth grade science and social studies teacher! This is my sixteenth year teaching for the Tewksbury Township Schools and my sixteenth year as an educator. My previous experience includes 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in self contained settings, 5th grade language arts, and ELA academic skills. Fifth grade is a year of incredible academic, social, and emotional growth and will prepare your child to enter their middle school years with confidence. The fifth grade science and social studies curriculums will challenge your child to learn to think as a historian and scientist and will advance their critical thinking, research, and problem solving abilities. This year in social studies, your child will learn about early American history and colonization prior to the Revolutionary War. Students will learn about the indigenous people who lived here before European settlers arrived, the age of exploration and the Columbian exchange, will explore the interactions between European, African, and Indigenous peoples in the colonies, early colonization, and learn how our past influences our country today. In science, students will study topics in physical science, life science, earth systems, and astronomy. I enjoy empowering each of my students to grow their confidence, knowledge, and love of learning through a positive child centered classroom community.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me at yfiscarelli@tewksburyschools.org.