• Welcome to Mrs. Zisk's 6th & 7th grade Social Studies Classes!


      "I do not see the world as it is, I see it as I am."   ~Anaïs Nin


    September 2021

    Meet the Teacher!

    Mrs. Cathy Zisk 


    This year, many assignments will be done completely digitally. RealTime Parent Portal will have all grades and assignments posted with due dates. This is the easiest way to check your student’s progress in class. 

    We will be using Google Classroom and PearDeck for most of the students’ assignment completion and feedback. Google Classroom allows parent emails to be added- this way, you can receive updates and summaries about assignments. Be on the lookout for an email from Google Classroom (sometimes it ends up in the spam folder). Please email me if you are not receiving updates and I can manually add you on the roster. 

    For questions, concerns, or other information, the best method of communication for both parents and students is through email.

     Learning Objectives

    • Understanding historical and current events from multiple perspectives
    • Collaborating with classmates to accomplish a common goal and problem-solve
    • Using creativity to explore and communicate ideas in different ways
    • Locate, verify, and evaluate reliable sources of information (context, perspective)
    • Drawing conclusions from primary and secondary sources
    • Utilizing all of the above in order to develop critical thinking skills and habits

    Learning Assignments

    Although we are not quite sure what this school year holds for us, we will be prepared and flexible. In any event, students will engage in meaningful activities that ask them to examine information, discuss its implications, and draw conclusions about its significance to the past and in today’s world. Both the information presented and student output will be a mixture of texts, videos, podcasts, discussions, visuals, or any combination of these. 


    Grading Breakdown



    1-2 per marking period


    Projects will be larger, longer-term assignments that are more heavily weighted. Projects may be done individually or with a group and will focus on significant historical themes, questions, or topics. Projects may include research papers, critical response papers, group presentations, etc. Rubrics will be given for each project.


    Weekly Assignments

    2-4 per week


    Each week, students will work within Google Classroom and other applications to complete learning objectives centered around a specific topic and/or skill. The point values for these assignments will be smaller and based on the following rubric.




    Meets Expectations

    Below Expectations


    Quality of Work

    Response/output is well thought out, answers question or prompt thoroughly; follows directions

    Response/output answers question or prompt in a general way; includes some detail; somewhat follows directions

    Response/output does not answer the question or prompt; or lacks clear explanation or details; missing items from directions

    Demonstrates minimal effort or not completed on time; does not follow directions



    18 points

    1-2 per marking period


    Students will write a journal response via Google docs and use it to critically respond to topics, questions, and global events today that connect to our studies. Journals provide students with a space for reflection about their learning and connection to the content. Journals will be graded on the following rubric. 




    5 points

    Meets Expectations

    4 points

    Below Expectation

    3 points

    Needs Improvement

    1-2 points

    Response Content

    Response is highly critical, thoughtful, and original. “Digs deep!”

    Partly or attempting critical response; discusses superficial aspects of topic

    Only summarizes topic; does not attempt to analyze issue or topic

    Does not discuss content and/or respond to prompt.

    Response Details

    Responses provides relevant examples using details from history, class discussions,  modern-day, or student’s life using appropriate vocabulary

    Response may use one or two examples; broadly addresses topic; does not give many details

    Response only gives details that do not support overall analysis; irrelevant details given

    Does not include any details relevant to the prompt.

    Clarity & Organization

    Organization of response allows for clear reasoning and understanding

    Response is slightly disorganized, however is mostly clear and understandable

    Response is disorganized and difficult for the reader to understand

    Response is completely unclear

    Mechanics & Time



    Mechanics on grade level; handed in on time

    Mechanics below grade level; handed in late (no more than 1 day)



    16 points

    2-3 times per marking period


    As part of a growing global society, students will need to foster creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students will routinely work with their peers in discussions, research, projects, presentations, and historical inquiry. Students will reflect on their work ethic and participation using the rubric below, and the teachers will provide feedback.




    4 pts.

    Meets Expectation

     3 pts.

    Below Expectations

     2 pts.

    Needs Improvement

    0-1 pts.


    Actively participates in all individual and group discussions and activities.

    Usually participates in individual and group discussions and activities.

    Sometimes participates in individual and group discussions and activities.

    Rarely participates in individual and group discussions and activities.


    Consistently on time to class and present for group work. Completes all assigned tasks and does not depend on others to do the work.

    Usually on time for class and present for group work. Completes most tasks and is a productive member of the group.

    Sometimes late for class and frequently turns in work late. Does not complete most assigned tasks.

    Usually late for class and misses group work. Seldom completes assigned work. Depends on others to do all the work.


    Respectfully listens, interacts, and discusses ideas with the entire group. Always shares ideas.

    Respectfully listens and contributes to the group/class discussions. Contributes ideas and asks questions.

    Has some difficulty listening respectfully. Tends to dominate the discussion or not contribute.

    Has great difficulty listening in a group/class setting. Argues with group members and is unwilling to compromise.

    Creativity & Critical Thinking

    Often asks questions and offers original ideas. Rethinks historical/current issues and offers unique perspectives. “Thinks outside the box.”

    Sometimes asks questions and offers original ideas. Sometimes questions history and events.

    Often does not provide unique ideas or ask questions. Often takes history “as is.”

    Makes little to no effort to create unique products or ideas. Does not ask questions.


    *Late work: Generally, late work will be penalized and impact a student’s grade. I will provide reasonable, flexible accommodations on an individual basis.

    *Extra credit: None, as all assignments throughout each marking period provide ample opportunity for accumulation of points. “Growth over grades.” 


    Resources for Students and Parents


    Student/Parent Tutorials  How to Use: Google Suite and other applications




    If your child is experiencing difficulties at home or just needs some support or understanding at school, please just email me with the subject title “Handle with Care.” There is no explanation needed. I will be extra sure to treat your child with extra time, patience, or help during the day.  

    I would love to talk with you to learn more about your child. I am curious about his/her interests, strengths, difficulties, feelings towards school, and how he/she learns best. Throughout the school year I will be available to discuss any concerns or valuable information you may want to share with me. 

    The fastest and most efficient way to reach me is through email- czisk@tewksburyschools.org

     Please visit the rest of my website for information on curriculum, grading, useful links, and other information. Due dates and homework will be posted on Parent Portal. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year!


    ~Cathy Zisk