• Welcome to Mr. Strange's
    2nd Grade Classroom 
    (room 108 upstairs)

    This is my second year of second grade! So far, I'm enjoying it. It's interesting to see the differences between the different grade levels in lower elementary. 

    We are well into the first chapter in our math book, looking at counting, comparing, and ordering numbers. A lot of this centers around place value and our number system over all. Soon we'll be moving into a study of addition. 

    In Social Studies we're learning about types of communities and will be exploring our community and the goods and services one finds here. 

    Our first writing genre is the personal narrative and we have begun by looking at what authors write about, why they choose those topics and how they narrow them to build a better more focused narrative before expanding them with details 

    Our various literacy groups are off to a good start as well. We've established good procedures and routines which will help us to maximize our instructional time throughout the rest of the year.  

     Raymondskill Falls
    Yes, that's me in the yellow helmet. 

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