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OTS Accelerated Math

Middle School Math Placement:  Grade 8

The process of Grade 8 math placement ensures each student experiences both success and challenge in mathematics.

Students are placed into Math Courses in grade 8 based on the following criteria: 

  1. Classroom Performance (Marking Periods 1-3 grade average from 7th grade math)

  2. Standardized Test Score (Grade 7 Math NJSLA)

  3. Markers for success (completes work, works independently, seeks help when needed)

Advanced Algebra I : curriculum and instruction incorporates both grade level New Jersey Student Learning Standards as well as a strong focus on mastery of advanced Algebraic Concepts (which are traditionally taken in a high school algebra class).

8th Grade Math: curriculum and instruction is based on grade level New Jersey Student Learning Standards which includes Algebraic Concepts.

If you have specific concerns regarding your child's math placement or course content, please contact your child's math teacher. We are committed to ensuring focused and continual academic growth for every learner.