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Aspire is an instructional programming opportunity offered to students in grades K-8 meeting specific identification criteria. The Aspire program provides an on-going creative and cognitively challenging learning environment which meets the specialized needs of gifted learners.

Aspire Program Criteria 2023-2024

Aspire programming is designed to motivate, challenge, and educate students to achieve their highest level of performance so they can contribute to the positive development of themselves and society. The Tewksbury Township School District fully commits to its responsibility in recognizing the specific needs of these students and fostering their students’ interests in order to ensure that they become life-long learners. In turn, district Aspire programs will ultimately provide a challenging environment, in which high-level cognitive and social-emotional processes are further nurtured and developed.

2023-2024 Enrichment programs are offered 1x a week at both Tewksbury Elementary School (TES) and Old Turnpike school (OTS).


Aspire teachers     

Mrs. Rinehart (K-1st grade)
Ms. Jaime Levy (2nd-4th grade)


Aspire Reading

Ms. Nicole Amato (5th grade)
Mr. Michael Wilpiszeski(6th grade)
Ms. Alana Magro(7th grade)
Mr. Scott Steinman(8th grade)

Aspire Math

Ms. Bonnie Mendralla(5th grade)
Mrs. Daniela DiGiovanni (6th grade)
Mrs. Patty Jennings(7th grade)
Mr. Rick deJagger (Algebra 1)