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District Goals
  1. Engage in strategic planning process and create a long-term vision for our schools as a School District of Excellence.

  2. Cultivate teacher excellence by engaging educators in high quality professional learning opportunities to improve understanding of pedagogical strategies and better meet the learning needs of all students.

  3. Enhance communication with the Tewksbury community to engage stakeholders.

  4. Address students’ social learning needs through character education programs and anti-bullying activities.

Board Goals
  1. Initiate and complete the strategic planning process for the district with the aim of formulating a comprehensive 5-year strategic plan that embodies the values and culture of our community.

  2. Support our administrators, staff and teachers in nurturing a culture of educational excellence and fostering a positive educational environment for all students, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

  3. Elevate public outreach and involvement by ensuring the consistent, comprehensive, and punctual distribution of information to all our stakeholders--encompassing students, educators, parents, and the broader community.