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Email Policy

The Board of Education takes very seriously its responsibility to provide a free appropriate public education to each student classified as eligible for special education and related services.  The Board is aware that communication between parents and special services personnel is an important component in providing for these students’ needs.

In order to ensure the highest quality of service to students with disabilities and protect their confidentiality to the greatest extent possible, the Board hereby determines that the following items must be made in writing, contain an original signature of the parent, and be mailed or hand-delivered to the Special Services office in-district: all parental requests for evaluations including but not limited to initial, additional or independent evaluations, changes in eligibility, classification, program, and placement of classified students; requests for meetings with the Child Study Team or IEP Team; requests for copies of student records; concerns about implementation of a student’s IEP; and notices of parental intent to unilaterally provide services to a student for which they intend to seek reimbursement from the Board pursuant to State or Federal law.

The Child Study Team will continue to provide parents with written notice (for items such as meeting notices, IEPs, responses to requests, etc.), as required by the New Jersey Administrative Code, through regular mail.  Parents can similarly expect to receive all correspondence from the Child Study Team pertaining to their child’s education and responding to their written requests through regular mail.

 Due to concerns of reliability and security, e-mails will not be used or accepted for any of these purposes.  District personnel will not respond to such e-mail requests. 

The Superintendent shall promulgate administrative procedures for dissemination of this Policy to the parents of all special education students in the Tewksbury School District.