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About Our District

Tewksbury Township School District


Tewksbury Township is a residential community located in the northeastern portion of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The community consists of approximately 6,100 people spread out over an area covering 31 square miles. The township is located within the New York Metropolitan Area and is an attractive location for residential development. Morris County and Somerset County border the community on the north and east. Located to the west are the Hunterdon County communities of Clinton and Lebanon Township and Califon.  

The entire thirty-one square miles are comprised of the unincorporated communities of Mountainville, Oldwick, Pottersville, Cokesbury, and Fairmount. The school district maintains one elementary school and one middle school. The community is well served by its school system which is noted for providing a great deal of individualized attention to students and for providing a curriculum that is educationally challenging and enhanced by its outreach partnerships with local institutions and organizations.

Tewksbury Township’s rural setting has been preserved over the years, although slow changes have been occurring in more recent land development activities. Attempts to preserve the atmosphere and current characteristics can be seen through the passage of ordinances that require the maintenance of the historical character of buildings in the existing villages of the community. The most significant change in the community is found in the demographics of the residents and in the population growth since 1950. Historically, the land was owned predominantly by farmers. Today, much of the land is owned and populated by business executives and other professional people who commute into New York City and other metropolitan cities via the Route 78 corridor. The majority of past residential development has been single-family dwellings.

The population growth has continued from the 1950’s to the present day by increasing as follows: 1,439 residents (in 1950) to 1,908 residents (in 1960) to 2,950 residents (in 1976) to 4,300 (residents (in 1985) to 4,800 residents (in 1992), 5,500 (in 2000), 6,100 (in 2009), and 5,993 (in 2010).

Mission Statement
The mission of the Tewksbury School District is the continual development of each child’s intellectual, artistic, social, and physical abilities in a positive environment, which fosters self-esteem and a love of learning while meeting the district expectation that they will achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at all grade levels. Pupils in the Tewksbury Township Public Schools will be confident, productive members of a changing society.