• Project Aspire is an instructional programming opportunity offered to students in grades 1-8 meeting specific identification criteria. The Project Aspire program provides an on-going creative and cognitively challenging learning environment which meets the specialized needs of gifted learners.

    Project Aspire Student Identification


    Students in Grades 1-8 qualify for Project Aspire through specific criteria designed to identify learners in need of cognitively responsive learning opportunities. Identification criteria was researched and developed by a committee with representation from parents, administrators, middle school and elementary school teachers.

    Identification is a multi-step process.

    1. All students in grades 2 and 5 are screened using the CoGat, Cognitive Ability Test.

    2. Students meeting top performance levels as determined by national performance criteria advance to the next round of evaluation

      1. Torrance Creativity Testing: Torrance Creativity Testing. These instruments have been used for identification of the creatively gifted and as a part of gifted matrices in many school districts.

      2. Scaled for the Identification of Gifted Learners: Observational Data of Classroom Performance related to Creativity and Cognitive Processing

    3. Students meeting specific criteria points on either the Torrance or the SIG, in addition to the CoGat, qualify for Project Aspire. In summary, students must meet 2 out of 3 national, normalized criteria points on

      1. CoGat and Torrance or

      2. CoGat and SIG.

    Project Aspire Programming

    Tewksbury Elementary School

    Project Aspire students meet with Ms. Levy two times per week in a small group, pull out setting. 

    Old Turnpike Middle School

    Project Aspire students meet with Ms. Levy two times per week for 2 marking periods in a small group, pull out setting.  Students are pulled out of special cycle classes.  Additionally, Ms. Levy meets with students during E & R.

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