5th-8th Grade English Language Arts Class Placements

    The Tewksbury School District is committed to serving the educational needs of each individual learner of our community. To that end, we use committee-established criteria to evaluate the literacy needs of our middle school students in order to ensure the most appropriate placement for every middle school learner in the area of English Language Arts (ELA).

    The first criteria for student placement is highly successful academic performance. A specific English Language Arts summative cut-off grade point average  (e.g. 95%) is determined annually based on each cohort's GPA data. 

    The group of students meeting the first criteria point is then evaluated based on the following:

    1. NWEA MAP- Measures of Academic Progress Reading Assessment
    2. Quantified Teacher recommendation based on a SIG Scale in English Language Arts and Social Studies. For more information on Sig Scales, please visit:  http://www.prufrock.com/SIGS-School-Rating-Scale-Forms-25-Forms-P135.aspx;
    3. Internal Writing Assessment scored using a district approved writing rubric.

    Based on this comprehensive data, students are then placed into one of two language arts classes:

    1. English Language Arts Class (ELA or LA):  The curriculum for this heterogeneous class is based on grade level Common Core Standards, but may be differentiated, at times, through small group and individualized instruction in relation to literacy content and skills.
    2. Accelerated Language Arts Class (ALA): Instruction for this class is based on grade level curriculum aligned to Common Core Standards with an emphasis on Humanities-themed reading and writing content. Although course content remains predominantly on grade level, core grade level foundational language skills are de-emphasized.

    We are confident that this placement criteria will ensure the most successful placement for each individual middle school learner.