• "It's not about technology...it's about education."
    Student Centered - Globally Connected
     Technology Integration Mission Statement

    Our Children's, Our World's Future; The Technology Plan for Tewksbury Township Schools 2010-2013.

    The mission of the Tewksbury Township School District, in cooperation with its professional staff, is to empower our

    students by advancing an educational philosophy that encourages student learning, independent thinking and the ability to

    apply classroom experiences to real-life applications. The stakeholders of the district encourage the further adoption of

    new technology that will meet the needs of a student-centered learning environment, while understanding that learners

    and educators are equally important in driving the success of an integrated technology program.

    Today’s children must be able to access, evaluate and manage immense amounts of rapidly flowing information. They

    must be skilled thinkers and communicators. Our teachers must be visionaries, knowledgeable, and able to prepare

    students for the world of ever changing advancements. Our classrooms must facilitate challenging, real-world

    opportunities that encourage our students to make well-reasoned decisions.

    Tewksbury Township Schools support our students to achieve the 21st century skills needed to effectively compete,

     connect, communicate, and collaborate in a global society by developing a culture of digital citizenship. The school

    community will use current and emerging technologies to voluntarily and continuously improve and expand their teaching

    and learning in and away from school.
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