• Homework in Mrs. Emge & Mrs. Pill's Class

    Homework in third grade is designed to foster time management, responsibility, sharpen skills learned in class, encourage exploration, and develop the home/school connection.
    • Homework is assigned up to 4x a week in a weekly packet.
    • Reading for 20 minutes a night is a daily assignment.
    • Students have the week to complete the packet unless there is a different due date (sometimes for projects.)
    • Assignments will be recorded by the students in their assignment books and placed into the students' binder "Right Back" section. It should be returned in the same section and deposited in the Homework Box by the student when finished, on or before the due date.
    • Homework will be checked but not be returned unless there are concerns. Parents are responsible for checking their child's homework nightly and assisting them with any challenges. If parents have a concern about an assignment, please email us or drop a note in your child's binder instead of writing concerns on the assignment itself. We may not see it until the "teachable moment" has passed!
    Happy learning!