Old Turnpike School’s Odyssey of the Mind Team

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    ** Please note there are new rehearsal dates on the calendar- 4/10 and 4/12 **



    Congratulations to the Old Turnpike school's Odyssey of the Mind team!  The team placed first in the Skylands Region with a perfect score of 350 points!


    What is it?  


    Odyssey of the Mind is a regional, state and global competition that provides students to solve problems using creativity, intelligence and teamwork.  Through this program, the Old Turnpike team will work together to solve problems that range from the creation of a haunted house using special effects, designing and building a car through creating a new medieval instrument.  


    Who can participate?


    Middle school students, in 6th through 8th grades, who are older than 12 by May 1st but younger than 15 by May 1st.  


    What is the experience like?


    Students can expect to work in a team of highly talented and intelligent individuals who have a unique set of skills.  These talents range from mechanical, mathematical, creative thinking, verbal skills and more and they will be applying them in a cooperative learning environment surrounded by peers who work together to solve a problem.  

    How often will we meet?


    Mr. Doerr and Mr. Barrett will design a schedule that works for everybody on the team.  We will meet after school once this has been confirmed.  Students are encouraged to talk to the coaches about the team meetings because we will consider all students, even those involved in school sports.  Please see the Google Calendar for updated practices.


    What are the rewards for competing?


    Students can participate in a competition with like-minded peers and enter in a competition that cannot be ordinarily experienced in the classroom.  Students will be able to travel with the team to different destinations to compete against other schools.  If we get far in the competition, global competitions have been held in Michigan, Iowa and Maryland.  


    Odyssey of the Mind Calendar