Debate Club

  • Description: The Debate Club at OTS is designed to foster an environment for students to engage in constructive discussion on advisor-selected topics. Students will research the topics on their own with their assigned debate team, and then be challenged to argue for (proposition) or against (opposition) the proposed topic. Teams will follow the structured Parliamentary Debate style used by the NJ Middle School Debate League. Students will rotate between roles as participants and judges and will learn how to offer constructive feedback to their peers about their debate performances.

    Sample Topics:

    • The United States should allow refugees from Syria
    • Cell phones should be allowed in school
    • Genetically modified foods should be banned
    • Healthcare should be provided for all Americans
    • Minimum wage should be raised to $15/hour
    • Zoos are unethical
    • Voting should be mandatory
    • Video games are good for America
    • The United States should adopt the metric system
    • The United States should implement a tax on junk food
    • The United States should abolish the electoral college

    Number of students: 25-30

    Advisors: Ryan Lagomarsino & John Preston

    Scheduled Meeting Dates: Attached in the Google Calendar below.


    Debate Club Calendar