Change in Your Child's Dismissal Routine

  • If you will be changing your child’s dismissal routine, please send a note in the morning with your child. Please include the date, your child’s full name, your child’s teacher, and clear instructions for changing the routine. If a person other than the parent/guardian is picking up the student, this person's name and contact information must be provided. Also indicate if your child participates in the YMCA program on the date that you are changing the routine.

    All notes are received by the classroom teacher and sent to the Main Office to the attention of the 10-month school secretary.

    If you have not provided a note and must change the dismissal routine, please call (908) 832-2594 x2002. Call before 1:00 PM for Kindergarten students and 3:00 PM for students in Grades 1 through 4.

    After School Pick Up Procedures:

    Kindergarten:  Parent/guardians must go to the office to sign out their child from the list on the lower level of the reception counter.  Parents/guardians will remain in the office until the Kindergarten staff brings their child to them.  Parents are asked to exit through the main doorway closest to the office.
    Grades 1 through 4: To assure safety for all students, students who are being picked up will be dismissed from the Cafetorium. Parents/guardians are asked to park on the lower level.  Then Parents/guardians will enter the building through the western doorway by the loading dock and wait in that hallway.   Students will file to the Cafetorium when they hear the bell ring at 3:22 PM where they will be checked in by a staff member assigned to their grade level. When all specified students are present, parents will be invited into the Cafetorium to sign out their children. If a person other than the parent/guardian is picking up a student, he/she must present identification. Students will not be released without written notification from the parent/guardian.  Parents/guardians and students must exit the building through the western doorway by the loading dock. 

    Early Pick-Up:

    The school strongly believes that all activities during the school day are important. Routine physicals and dental appointments should not be made during school hours. The parent must go to the Main Office and sign their student out of the blue log book. No students will be dismissed between 3:00 and 3:20 PM.