• 8th grade units of study and quiz information


    This year in 8th grade, we will begin with Chapter 5B in our textbook "Realidades".  We will learn vocabulary related to our unit title "Vamos a un restaurante!"(Let's go to a restaurant!).  We will learn how to describe people as well as order food in a restaurant.  Our vocabulary quiz for the unit will be in mid October and our grammar quiz will be in the beginning of November.  In addition to quizzes, we will do mini-dialogue presentations and written work.  


    In the second marking period we will be working with Chapter 6B "¿Cómo es tu casa?".  We will be able to identify rooms in a house, name household chores.  We will be able to talk about where we live.  In addition, we will be able to give commands.


    In the 3rd marking period, we will be studying Chapter 7B "¡Qué regalo!".  We will discuss buying gifts for others.  We will learn how to use direct object pronouns and the past tense.


    The last unit of study will be Chapter 8A "De vacaciones".  In this unit, we will focus on talking about activities you do on vacation, describing places to visit while on vacation, and discuss past vacations that were taken.


    ****Please see Realtime for exact quiz dates.  You can also ask your child to show our google classroom site as I often post quiz dates on there as reminders.