• 7th grade units of study and quiz information


    This year in 7th grade, we will begin in our textbook "Realidades" with Chapter 3A: Desayuno o almuerzo?  We will learn necessary vocabulary to discuss foods and drinks we consume for breakfast and lunch.  We will have two quizzes each marking period as we will attempt to complete one unit per marking period.  The first quiz will always be vocabulary.  It is scheduled for the middle of October.  The second quiz will always be on the grammar component of the chapter.  This quiz is scheduled for the first week of November.  


    We will be studying Chapter 3B "Para mantener la salud" in the 2nd marking period.  We will focus on discussing healthy choices for dinner and different kinds of excercise.  We will understand cultural perspectives on diet and health.


    In the 3rd marking period, we will begin Chapter 4A "¿Adónde vas?".  We will learn how to discuss locations in the community and leisure activities.  We will talk about where you go and with whom.  For the first time, we will be focusing on asking questions instead of just answering them.


    For the 4th marking period, we will finish the year studying Chapter 4B "Quieres ir conmigo?".  Our goals will be to discuss activities outside of school time.  We will work on extending, accepting, and declining invitations.  We will discuss where events will take place and what time.  


    ***Please see Realtime for exact quiz dates.  You can also ask your child to see our google classroom where I post reminders for quizzes and dates.