• 6th grade Spanish


    During the first marking period, we will begin with Chapter 1A in the textbook Realidades.  The unit of study will be "Que te gusta hacer?".  Students will learn vocbulary to express likes and dislikes focusing on actvities that they engage in during free time.  We will have two quizzes per marking period.  One is scheduled for the middle of October and the second one will be in the beginning of November.  The first quiz of each marking period will be on vocabulary and the second quiz will always be on grammar.

    We will study Chapter 1B "Y tu, como eres?" in the 2nd marking period.  Students will learn how to talk about personality traits, describe others using adjectives, and they will understand cultural perspectives on friendship. 

    In the 3rd marking period, we will work with Chapter 2A from Realidades, titled "Tu dia en la escuela".  Our goals will be to discuss schools schedules and classes, talk about what students do during a school day, and compare our schedule to one of a Spanish-speaking country to note differences and similarities.

    "Tu Sala de Clases" is Chapter 2B in the book Realidades.  This will be our final chapter of the year (in the 4th marking period).  We will be able to describe our classroom and indicate where things are located.   

    ***Please check Realtime for specific dates.  Also, I post quiz dates on google classroom so ask your child to show you our google classroom site.