• School Hours
    Grades 6 through 8:
    7:40 AM to 2:32 PM
    After-School Care Provided at TES by the Hunterdon County YMCA
    Students may arrive no earlier than 7:30 AM and must be in their homerooms by 7:40 AM.
    Students arriving after 7:40 AM must report to the Main Office.

    Delayed Opening Schedule:
    Inclement weather or unusual circumstances occasionally necessitate a delayed opening in schools.  Delayed openings are always announced via the Realtime Alert System and are posted on the website.  On days with a delayed opening, school will start two (2) hours later than normal.  Homeroom for Grades 5 through 8 begins at 9:40 AM.  Lunch will be provided. A delayed opening does constitute one of the 180 school days required by state law.


    Early Dismissal Schedule:
    There are a limited number of days throughout the school year when students are dismissed earlier than usual to accommodate scheduled events.  You will be notified well in advance of the specific day(s) by the school principal.  No Lunch is served on Early Dismissal Days.  The school day begins at the usual time on early dismissal days.  Students in Grades 6 through 8 are dismissed at 12:00 PM. 
    Emergency Early Dismissal Note:
    If there is an early dismissal due to an emergency situation or inclement weather, all students (and Aftercare participants) will be placed on their assigned buses.  A Realtime message will be sent to all student families via the method that you have chosen to receive notifications.  All scouts, sports and clubs will be cancelled and these students will be placed on their assigned buses.  All notes regarding pickups for that day and "permanent pickup" notes will be considered cancelled and those students will be placed on their assigned buses.  The students will be dropped off at their designated bus stop.  If a neighbor or family member is needed to transport the student home, please make sure they are aware of this situation.  We urge you to include these neighbors and family members on the Realtime system as contacts and make sure that they are listed as Realtime contacts, as well.  This will insure that they are notified by the school of an early dismissal.  Please periodically review these plans with your child, so they are aware of what would happen in the event of an early dismissal.