Tewksbury Township Schools

4000 Instructional and Support Personnel

PolicyPolicy Name
4000Table of Contents
4110Tenure Charges and Suspension
4111Recruitment Hiring and Selection
4111.1 4211.1Nondiscrimination Affirmative Action
4112.1Employment Contracts
4112.4 4212.4Employee Health
4112.6 4212.6Personal Records
4112.8 4212.8Nepotism
4113 4213Assignment; Transfer
4116Evaluation of Teaching Staff Members
4116Evaluation of Teaching Staff Members: Regulation
4117.4 4217.4Creating / Abolishing a Position RIF
4119.21 4219.21Conflict of Interest
4119.22 4219.22Conduct and Dress Code
4119.22 4219.22Conduct and Dress Code of Ethics: Exhibit
4119.23Employee Substance Abuse
4119.26 4219.26Electronic Communication
4119.26 4219.26Electronic Communication: AUP Regulation
4121Substitute Teachers
4122Student Teachers: Interns
4123Classroom Aides
4131Staff Development, Inservice Education / Visitation / Conferences
4131Staff Development, Inservice Education / Visitation / Conferences: Exhibit
4132 4232Publication Copyright / Intellectual Property
4135.4 4235.4Staff Grievance
4138 4238Nonschool Employment
4138.2Private Tutoring
4142 4242Payroll Authorization: Checks and Deductions
4147 4247Employee Safety
4150 4250Family Leave and Medical Leave
4151 4251Attendance Patterns
4151.1 4251.1Personal Illness and Injury
4151.5 4251.5Jury Duty
4151.9 4251.9Military Leave
4211Recruitment, Selection and Hiring
4219.23Employee Substance Abuse
4222Non-Instructional Aides
4231Staff Development, Inservice Education / Visitation / Conferences 
4243.1Overtime Compensation