•  OTS General Music Curriculum Overview


    Curriculum Grade 5 Overview


    Students will study a broad range of topics starting with Musical Elements that will familiarize students with treble and bass clef, rhythmic values, dynamic and tempo markings as well as musical forms. Students will study Non-Western music and finish out the year with beginning piano studies. Students with former piano experience will be challenged at their level of study through differentiated learning techniques. Students will be utilizing the Apple computer lab in class on a daily basis. Garageband will be used for all piano work and all work dealing composition and form.


    Curriculum Grade 6 Overview


    Students will research various musical time periods throughout history. The 6th grade will gain a working knowledge of composers, instruments, musical works and the development of the arts in Europe through the modern age. This class is cross-curricular and reflects the same time periods of study within the 6th grade Social Studies curriculum. Students will also analyze and critique major musical works from each time period.  


    Curriculum Grade 7 Overview


    Students will develop practical skills on the guitar and piano. All students will learn standard notation and be able to read treble and bass clef. Students will begin to explore basic chord structure and the building blocks of songwriting. All students will be challenged at their own level using differentiated instruction.