Main Office

  •  Welcome to Tewksbury Elementary School Main Office

    Welcome to Tewksbury Elementary School. Please park in our upper level parking lot and enter the building by the doorway closest to the flag pole. There is a doorbell on the right-hand side of the entrance foyer. Please buzz and go directly to the Main Office on your left.

    Main Office Staff

    Jim Miller, Principal

      Jim Miller, Principal  
    Sheila Donovan
    Sheila Donovan, School Counselor and School Bullying Specialist or 908-832-2594 x2007
    Eileen Callahan, Secretary          

    Eileen Callahan, Full Time Secretary           


    Office Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

    Contact: or 908-832-2594 x2001
    Cathy Pepe -
     908-832-2594 x2002