• Math Aspire

    The Aspire programming of the Tewksbury Schools District provides curricular and instructional adaptations and services to meet the needs of exceptional learners in our district. One such program created to meet the needs of advanced learners in Math is an enrichment math program called Aspire Math for students in second through fourth grade at the Tewksbury Elementary School.


    The selection process for Aspire Math is a two-step process. The initial qualifying round is based on students’ performance on the math component of the Fall NWEA Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) assessment and students’ classroom performance in the area of Math. Qualifying students then move to the second step, completion of a grade level math exam.


    Students in grades 2-4 who demonstrate the need for additional math programming beyond grade level curriculum will be offered opportunities for enrichment and accelerated programming through the Math Aspire program. This program will focus on higher level application of grade level skills, as well as introduction to advanced skills, through critical thinking and problem based learning experiences.