Tewksbury Township Schools

KindergartenNumber Sense
KindergartenCompare Numbers
KindergartenNumerical Operations
KindergartenNumerical Operations (Symbolic)
KindergartenNumber and Operations: Place Value
KindergartenData Analysis

GRADE              UNIT
1st GradeAddition and Subtraction Problem Solving
1st GradeProperties of Operations
1st GradeAdd and Subtract Within 20
1st GradeEquivalency
1st GradeCounting
1st GradeMoney
1st GradePlace Value
1st GradeAdd and Subtract Using Place Value
1st GradeMeasurement
1st GradeData
1st GradeGeometry
1st GradePatterns
2nd GradeAddition of 2-Digit Numbers with/without Regrouping
2nd GradeAddition of 3-Digit Numbers with/without Regrouping
2nd GradeFact Strategies for Addition and Subtraction
2nd GradeGeometry/Fractions
2nd GradeMeasurement Time and Data
2nd GradeMoney
2nd GradePlace Value
2nd Grade Subtraction of 2-Digit Numbers with & w/out Regrouping
2nd Grade Subtraction of 3 Digit Numbers with or without Regrouping
2nd GradeUnderstanding Addition and Subtraction

3rd GradeAddition Subtraction Number System
3rd GradeGeometry
3rd GradeGeometric Measurement
3rd GradeMeasurement
3rd GradeMultiplication-Division
3rd GradeFractions

4th GradeAddition and Subtraction
4th GradeMultiplication
4th GradeDivision
4th GradeMeasurement Data
4th GradeNumber Operations-Fractions and Decimals
4th GradeGeometry - Geometric Measurement

5th GradeMath Operations
5th GradePlace Value
5th GradeAddition and Subtraction of Fractions
5th GradeMultiplication and Division of Fractions
5th GradeGeometric Measurement
5th GradeMeasurement
5th GradeNumerical Expressions
5th GradeFigures and Properties
5th GradeGraphing PlanesPatterns
5th GradeData
5th GradePatterns

6th GradeUnit 1-Multiply and Divide Decimals
6th GradeUnit 2- Multiply and Divide Fractions
6th GradeUnit 3- Ratios and Rates
6th GradeUnit 4-Fractions, Decimals and Percents
6th GradeUnit 5-Algerbraic Expressions
6th GradeUnit 6-Equations
6th GradeUnit 7-Functions Inequalities and Intergers
6th GradeUnit 8-Perimeter Area and Volume
6th GradeUnit 9-Analyze Data and Graphs

7th GradeUnit 1-Expressions and Patterns
7th GradeUnit 2-Rational Numbers
7th GradeUnit 3-Intergers
7th GradeUnit 4-Equalities and Inequalities
7th GradeUnit 5- Proportions and Proprtional Thinking
7th GradeUnit 6-Percent
7th GradeUnit 7-Probability and Statistical Displays
7th GradeUnit 8-Volume and Surface Area
7th GradeUnit 9-Polygons

8th GradeUnit 1-Rational Numbers and Percent
8th GradeUnit 2-Real Numbers and Monomials
8th GradeUnit 3- Equations and Inequalities
8th GradeUnit 4-Expressions and Functions
8th GradeUnit 5-Linear Functions and Systems of Equations
8th GradeUnit 6-Geometry and Transformations
8th GradeUnit 7-Units of Measure
8th GradeUnit 8-Data Analysis and Statistics
8th GradeUnit 9-Geometric Probability
8th GradeUnit 10-Volume